60G Radar Liquid Level Sensor

liquids level radar sensor

Model No.: H30




  • H30 radar is a 60GHz level gauge sensor module. It adopts FMCW technology, measurement distance is 0.1~30 meters, and the measurement accuracy is 2mm. The H30 adopts a lens antenna design with a beam angle of 6°*6°, which can effectively filter the clutter interference in the application environment, and the measurement results are more accurate and stable. The product has low power consumption, small size, light weight, and is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, air pressure, sediment, dust, river pollutants, floating objects on the water surface, and air, and has good reliability and ease of use. It can meet the application needs of rivers, lakes, tides, reservoirs and other fields.–60GHz continuous frequency modulation wave with lens antenna design, which can effectively filter clutter interference;
    –The measurement range is 0.1-30m, and the accuracy is 2mm;
    –Low power consumption design, and can be powered by solar energy with easy to install;
    –Non-contact measurement, not affected by ambient temperature and humidity, and not corroded by water;
    –It is used for non-contact liquid level measurement in open channels, river channels, irrigation channels, underground drainage network, flood control and other occasions;




  • River level monitoring
  • Dam safety warning
  • Sewer level monitoring
  • Pool level monitoring

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Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor Test Tools:

This Test demo is for H30 water level radar sensors test based on Windows OS. There are USB-RS485 tools needed in the sensor and PC connection test. For sample order, we normally offer 1 of USB-RS485 tools for user easier conect and test.

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Video: Radar sensor demo connect test

Video: How to use CANalyst tools connect with PC for testing?

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