Agriculture Drone Lidar PCBA UAV-R21-x, UAV-H31-1


Model No.: UAV-R21-F-1/UAV-R21-R-1/UAV-H31-1




77 GHz millimeter wave  radar sensor board, special design in narrow detect angle focus on agricultural drone application. This sensor is the new upgrade generation short range wideband, high-resolution radar sensor built with customizable cutting edge radar technologies. It is built on Millimeter wave technology allowing for ultra-low power consumption and low unit cost. The sensor’s highly integrated hardware, advanced radar signal processing algorithms enable high-resolution detection when detect to ground or obstacle from agricultural drone, Ensure that the agricultural UAV gets timely and accurate data feedback in the operation process to ensure the safety of operation.




  • This solution sepcial design for Agricultural UAV only, other applicaion, please refer to other models.






Data Sheet:



With the given size, it’s easy to design a housing. But require for the  rear shell is required to use aluminum material with good heat dissipation effect, and the front shell is to use wave-transmitting plastic material:

radar sensor size

Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor Test Tools:

This Test demo is for  sensors test based on Windows OS.  There are CAN tools needed in the sensor and PC connection, typical CAN tools is CANalyst-II and USB-CAN-2EU. For sample order, we normally offer 1 of CANalyst-II tools for user easier conect and test. UART test tools use a USB-UART_TTL , baud rate at 115200.

More photos for reference:

Video: UAV-R21-F-1 Test on Agricultural Drone

Video: Agricultural drone with radar sensor test

Certificate and Test report:

Certificates Page