135mm USB MSR Reader for POS System LX-Sx0 Series

LX-Sx0 Magnetic card reader


Model No.: LX-Sx0 Series




  1.  LED and sound(optional) alert msr card reader
  2.  Low power consumption, high compatibility feature
  3.  Recognize magnetic cards with different density or standard automatically
  4.  Support Keyboard , RS232 and USB interface
  5.  Output data is decoded data, so users do not need to make decoding program which reduces difficulty in programming greatly.




  • POS terminal
  • Membership management system
  • Inquiry system
  • ID authentication


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**Model No.: LX-Sx0 Series Order Code**
X=U=USB Interface
X=S=RS232 Interface
X=K=PS2 Interface
x=1=Read first track only
x=2=Read Second track only
x=3=Read Third track only
x=5=Read first and second track only
x=6=Read second and third track only
x=8=Read all track(1,2,3 track)
Example: LU-S80 means USB interface and read all three tracks.

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