How to Grow Your Profits & Your Brand While Leaving Competitors Behind


Customers today value experience even more than price and variety. In fact, a research found that 40% of customers begin to purchase from a competitor because of their reputation for providing better customer service. So if you wish to turn all your shoppers into loyal customers, you need to provide them a fantastic customer experience.


And a key ingredient of this great customer experience is self-service. Customers greatly value their autonomy and want to be able to solve their problems themselves. If they ever have an issue to sort out, they want to do it with minimal social friction. You need to enable your customers to solve their problems themselves. The rise of self check-in kiosks, mobile banking, and retail kiosks stand testimony that customers want to help themselves.


Empower your customers to design their own journey and make their own way. This involves designing your entire business model in such a way that the customers should be able to easily navigate your services and choose what they want to purchase, and be able to make the purchase with minimal help. Even after the sale, they should be able to troubleshoot problems on their own.


So be sure to include robust self-service solutions in your business model to make sure your customers leave you delighted, satisfied and waiting to come back.


Check out this insightful infographic to know more about how you can deploy self-service solutions give your customers an amazing customer experience that will turn them into loyal customers:


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