What kinds of connectors are used for rs232 magnetic card reader?

<Standard USB Power+DB9 Data>

rs232 magnetic card reader


Lintech have been manufactured magnetic card reader product since 2007, in this period, we met a lot of requirement for product customization.


With the RS-232 interface model MSR reader, the most common customization part at it’s connector, cables length, and hardware setting.


In this post, let’s list those connector we ever asked to made in the years 2016 to 2017. The most popular connector recently is 3.0mm 2 rows at 8pins connector for vehicle GPS tracker which widely apply in Thailand vehicle tracking applications. At the first stage, for such use is start for connect with Meitrack’s GPS tracker to capture driver license number to verify driver’s identify.



<3.0mm 2Row 8Pins Connector for GPS Tracker>


MRS for GPS tracker8P_3.0mm Connectors magnetic card reader


After then, with the market huge demands, there is more GPS tracker comes out, and there is different connector were use by different GPS tracker company. In this case, we were asked to use kinds of connector for the rs232 magnetic stripe reader to meet different GPS tracker connect requirement.


<Mini USB TTL Protocol>

With TTL Protocol Mini USB MSR


No matter what kinds of connector we choose, it’s not too much different, as we know, for RS232 interface, the I/O define include:


  1. Power +5VDC
  2. GND
  3. Data Transmit
  4. Data Receive


With such define, we can make any connector as customer ask for. For those connector we can see normal on the market, it is easy to find and produce, for some not be seen frequency, connector supplier may ask for large quantity order for a batch order. Normally, for customization connector/cable supplier ask for MOQ at 1,000pcs. So, when there is smaller order for the magnetic card reader with customization require, the MOQ cost may need to calculate in to the unit price of the product.



<RJ45 connector RS232 Magnetic card reader>

Customized RJ45 Connector MCR



<Standard USB+DB9 Connector RS232 Magnetic card reader>

RS232-DB9+USB Magnetic card reader



<Customized DC+DB9 Connector RS232 Magnetic card reader>

Customized DC+DB9 x4500pcs




<DB9 connector for both power and data connection >

DB9 connector for both power and data connection





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