Card Collector: RS323/TTL Interface, F2

Model No.: F2




  1. Our card collector made as industry conceiving, surface dealing with roast paint, well bearable cubing and rotting. Be suitable to all kinds of bad environment, such as high, low ,and mush dust, etc. This F2 model card collector’s Passage ways of receiving card. Be good suitable to all kinds of distortion card.
  2. Rational construction, the speed of receiving card is very fast.
  3. Obligate many card screens, receiving and flipping card can control by your requirement.
  4. Smart protect function of card collector.
  5. 24V/2.5A
  6. RS-232/TTL communication protocol optional




  • Parking lot card issuing system
  • Self-Service Machines
  • Automatic ticketing machines

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Video of Card Collector F2: 


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