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SIM Card Dispenser: All In One, Motorized, F6

F6 Magnetic card dispenser with reader writer


Model No.: F6



This Kiosk magnetic card dispenser max with 3 kinds of card reading function: ISO7810-1  standard magnetic card / stripe card reading function, ISO7816 standard contact card read and write function, for exmple for IC card,EMV,7816,smart card PC/SC protocol; ISO14443 TYPE A contactless card for example M1 S50,S70,ID card. For all card with card dispense function. It can operate even dirty cards. In china market, it widely use in hospital, telecome, financial card issue work. Since it support kinds of cards, it also use for vending machine use, and also many other self-service kiosks. Please feel free contact with us for the further detail of synco card issuing machine issuing machine card reader, thanks.




  1.  IC card read and write (contact cards that comply with EMV, 7816 and smart card PC/SC protocol)
  2.  Magnetic card read only (support bi-direction read and repeat read magnetic stripe, magnetic card 100% recognized)
  3.  RFID card (Compliance withISO14443 protocol, TYPEA, TYPEB)
  4.  Modular structure, easy to disassemble and maintain machine
  5.  High precision card transmitting channel (moulding)
  6.  Extremely strong card compatibility
  7.  Support jitter card entry and out, which can prevent from stealing card information effectively
  8.  With retrieve box to capture bad card or non-valid card
  9.  Smart card space adjustment ensures the accurracy of card out
  10.  Customize function module freely
  11.  Industrial design, Surface finished with corrosive and abrasion resistant paint, suitable for high and low temperature, and dusty conditions
  12.  Six optional card space adjustment, CNC precision ensures absolute card unanimity of card space




  • Parking lot management system
  • Automatic vending machine system
  • Bank self-service open account card issue
  • Telecom and electric power business card issue
  • Park ticket vending system
  • Card initialization issue and sort
  • Subway or public transport card issue

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