Card Issuing Machine: Circulatory Card Dispenser, F3-9000

Model No.: F3-9000


This F3-9000 recycle card dispenser for self service kiosk can be apply to self service hotel, SOHO office, self service parking lot etc. It support collect card from user and after collect inside re-initialize,  so can issue new card to next client. Full card stacker at 80pcs/200pcs 0.8mm thinkness card, Built-in ISO14443A standard 13.56MHz RFID reader/writer module.




  1. RS-232 communication protocol.
  2. Contactless RFID card (Read and Write) ISO-14443A/B.
  3. Stainless steel channel, more can guarantee the smooth passage.
  4. Has the back card box full, the card box is empty, the card box is empty, the card position and so on many group of sensor detection, can accurately determine the card’s position and the card status prompt function.




  • Parking lot card issuing system
  • Dispense Machine For Hotel Key
  • Card Self Service Terminal Equipment
  • Automatic ticketing machines

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Video of Cycle Card Dispenser:

Test Software of Cycle Card Dispenser:


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