ISO14443 standard RFID Card Recycle Issuing Machine for Hotel Kiosk K750-B


Model No.: K750-B



This card dispenser model is a highly efficient automatic equipment which can automaticallyissue/reclaim cards, can be applied to card consumption systems,such as smart parking lot, smart card vending system,card issuance/verification system etc.


Description: How the card dispenser working?

When it is power-on, card dispenser will automatically detect all its photoelectric sensors, to detect whether the card is in pre-empty state or empty state(with alarming signal and buzzing output)and test the wayside inductor signal, key-press input; automatically preset the card to the required position; dispense cards with high speed or safely capture the invalid cards according to the command of the system client-side.
After powering on,if there are cards in the stack holder,dispenserR will automatically fill a card in the slit, and execute the command to transmit the card to the slot while a command of dispensing is received,via R/W the card to verify whether the card should be dispensed normally, if normal then waitfor a client to extract the card,if the card hasn’t been extracted in a certainperiod of time then the card will be reclaimed; if the equipment receives a level signal to reclaim during the waiting period,then it will reclaim the card immediately.
During the process of filling/dispensing/reclaiming, if the card is deformed, stained or there is a local malfunction, the dispenser willautomatically adjust the card and have reciprocating-motions for five times,if still not right, it will stop all actions,wait a next command or manual intervention while sending an error signal to client-side,at the same time the buzzer will buzz to alarm the error and the LED will flash along.
When the card stack holder is in pre-empty state,dispenser will output a “short of cards” signal while the buzzer will be alarming with flashing LCD. When there is no card in the cylinder,dispenser will output an “empty” signal likewise.




  1.  Recycle dispense/collect card for hotel self-service Kiosk application
  2. Dispense Mifare Card 13.56MHz card with read and write module
  3.  Unique transfer wheel design for Accurate issuing any card even for concavo-convex character number card
  4.  Simple, convenient, stable and accurate adjusting kinds of different thickness for issuing different cards
  5.  Compact size design to save the installation space
  6.  Reclaim card tank design in rear of machine for easy management
  7.  Couple of sensor can detect reclaim card tank is full, card tank empty alarm, card position detect etc, can easy distinguish card position and status.
  8.  High strength and durable engineer plastic card channel make sure RF card read/write steady
  9.  Industry conceiving, surface dealing with roast paint, well bearable cubing and rotting. Be suitable to all kinds of bad environment, such as high, low, and mush dust, etc.
  10.  Multi- sensor protect function prevent outer light interference to sensor
  11.  24V/2.5A
  12.  RS-232




  • Parking lot card issuing system
  • Self-Service Machines
  • Automatic ticketing machines

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Video of  K750-B card dispenser Running:


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