Turntable Disordered Card Dispenser: Issuing Uniqueness Cards

Turntable Disordered Card Dispenser


Uniqueness Card Issuing Machine
Disparate cards dispenser
Turntable Disordered Card Dispenser


Model No.: F8-1500




F8 Disordered card dispenser is mainly used in public security and other industries such as bank, social security bureau, police station etc. This product mainly uses the turntable storage method to store corresponding cards, which can accurately judge the position of the card and make accurate issuing through the combination of special card issuing mechanism and card reading mechanism. This card dispenser feature at issuing those card in same size but with unique character personalized cards, such as ID cards, debit cards, credit cards and membership card, those information have been printed and recorded in card’s memory.




1. Turntable storage with high density card slot, support card 1080pcs;
2. Able to accurately locate the card in any position and issue it accurately;
3. It has the function of card storing or removing in bulk;
4. The sensor has wide coverage and can detect whether there is a card in the card slot as well as the position of the card;
5. Support online upgrade program.
6. Loading card time 6-10s/pc.





Prefabricated card which have encoded/printed unique data
Put those card in to an uploading stacker
Manipulator moving card to card reader module
Reader read and record card ID
Manipulator moving card to an empty card slot
Slot sensor feedback that this ID card occupy it’s address
Finished 1 card loading job (6-10second)



A finished self-service kiosk for ID card vending purpose, it may equips with user interface screen, face recognized camera, fingerprint reader, Bar code/QR codescanner, RFID/IC card reader, Passport reader module etc. Depend on application system setting and security purpose requirements.


When apply for a credit card, ID card, social security card, no matter online apply or visit official place apply, when finish your data input and submit, there should be a receipt for you. This receipt can be the require document when you go to the self-service kiosk getting your ID card/Credit card.


Fingerprint verify
Receipt verify
Face recognize verify
Other require documents for verify identity.
System record equal to verify information, dispenser start getting relate card and dispense:
System check verify data relate to card’s ID/Number, which associated with card slot address;
Manipulator and Turntable pickup the assign card, and then dispense out for applicant.






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