How To Connect and Test RFID Card Dispenser?

F3 series RFID Card Dispenser is a high-performance card issuing equipment, It can be support RFID reading writing data, also optional with operate ISO7816 standard contact IC card data read and write. This dispenser main integrated into device that automatically service machine to sell ticket cards, bills. Mainly used in parking lot management system, freeway gate, self-service charging system, self-service card terminal, bank card management system, power payment and some self-service terminals etc.




Since the RFID card was widely apply in all aspects of life, we have lots of change to dealing with such device. Of course most of them were hidden in a nice looking housing around. But if you are a technical person or who relate to or involved in the self-service machine developed job. How to connect and test the RFID card dispenser when you first get it on hand? Here is what we do for the first connected. When first get the F3 RFID card dispenser, you may have only power cable, RS-232 cable, a rfid card dispenser. This is standard sell packing list. As a technical guy, you should prepare some things for going on the connection and test.


  1. a Windows System PC;
  2. PC has the RS232 DB9 I/O interface (if not, you need to prepare an USB-RS232 convertor/cable)
  3. Power supplier in 24V/3A.
  4. Test software that was From Lintech. You can download the test demo or all of SDK from





After you have above all accessories, we can start as:


  1. Install test software. It’s quite easy and fast, keep press your “NEXT” until finished;
  2. RS232 data cable, one end to RFID card dispenser is a 3 socket’s jack, plug in to the 3pins connector of dispenser. There are 2 group of 3pins data transmit interface, any of them work for test purpose. It’s for multi-machine join working function; And the other end is a DB9 female connector. Plug it to your PC’s DB9 interface (if you don’t have, a USB-RS232 convert cable/convertor will work with you).
  3. Power cable, there is 4 socket jack for connecting with the dispenser, also there is 2 group of 4pins for connection. It’s for multi-machine join working together purpose.
  4. Power cable another end is wire lead, no connector, you can do it connect to power supplier yourself from RAW way.
  5. Power on the 24V/3A Power supplier, the RFID card dispenser buzzer will be one Bee sound.



With the above hardware connection, get back to the PC desktop, start up the test demo, start to test card position running: dispenser card to reading card position, to outside port hold on, drop card outside, put the card from the RFID card dispenser front mount, run it inside to the reading card position, to dispenser it out or collect it in the fail card bin etc…




When goes to the RFID card dispenser read and write data to a RFID card test. This card dispenser integrated a RFID card reader module that can operate with those card meet ISO14443A&B Standard cards, frequency at 13.56MHz. Typical card model is from Mifare S50, S70, and compatiable card Fxxx Series from


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