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Lintech Passport Scanner Features Introduce



The 21st century has the world experiencing some of the most amazing inventions in history. For the last couple of years, different machines and electronic devices have hit various markets making the livelihood of the human race a bit easier. The EPR5100i Full Page passport scanner/reader is a beautiful creation befitting a wide range of business corporations and their operations.


This particular gadget ensures that the perfect first impression always prevails by offering the best services such as quality, speed, and accuracy in passport scanning. Apart from that, the gadget is well equipped allowing it to scan and read all types of travel-related documents such as OCR custom service, driving licenses, identity cards and passports among others effectively. This article gives a comprehensive introduction of the EPR5100i Full Page passport reader.


First, the passport scanner/reader exists in three ideal models: PSPR4200 (I), EPR5100 (I), and PSPR1000 (I). The existing models exhibit very few differences as per their features and functionality levels. However, the EPR5100 (I) offers the best services as compared to the other models. This is because it is a multi-functional passport reader having a 3.0 Megapixels camera with the capability of reading various types of documents. Some of the applicable papers include visas, passports, e-passports and ID cards. In short, the gadget serves well in reading multiple travel-related papers.


EPR5100 (I) has different amazing features that fit the current world requirements perfectly. For instance, the device has a full-page capture efficiency in producing document images, as it possesses an OCR processing capacity. Apart from that, the machine has an ICAO Doc 9303 specification ranging from part 1-4. Further, EPR5100 (I) has 1D and 2D barcode reading efficiency. The illumination levels include Visible, Infrared and Ultraviolet images. Another feature of the device is MRZ reading and VIZ OCR reading which includes the zones defined by the users. The device can also read information from various contactless identification chips efficiently. They also possess an RFID reading involving the scanning of identity cards and e-passports.


For the mechanical aspects, the machine’s size measures 235 by 250 by 148 millimeters with an ABS plastic casing. The operating temperatures range from 10-50 degrees Celsius while the operating humidity falls in between 20%-95%. Further, the net weight is 2.10-2.20 while the gross weight 2.60-2.70.


Concerning the software development kit, EPR5100 (I) supports various operating systems such as Windows 7(32/64bit), Windows Vista (32/64bit), Windows XP (32/64bit), Windows Server 2003 (32/64bit), Windows Server 2008 (32/64bit) and Windows 8 (32bit/64bit). The programming languages involved are C/C++, Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi, VB.NET, and Java.






The functionality of the advanced scanner machine includes document image and processing. The document formats supported are identity cars, passport cards, visas, passports and other document formats having a size of up to 96127 millimeters. The machine-readable zone involves the supported MRZ formats in conformity with ICAO 9303 in 44×2, 30×3, and 36×2.


Due to these aspects, the device is the best fit for use in various fields and industries. Therefore, EPR5100 (I) is the perfect passport reader device for use in Aviation security departments, Immigration department, hotels, border control, embassies, visa centers, train terminals, airport terminals and bus terminals. Other relevant and ideal places for its use are in leasing organizations, car rental companies, police stations and security services among many more.


Various advantages of passport scanners/readers exist as per the full range of fields of their application.  One of the benefits concerns their perfect fit role in managing guest identity and privacy. As noted before, the passport scanners offer high-quality services and play an important role in reading different travel documents. Therefore, the involved departments can manage all their clients’ identities with the utmost privacy possible. This aspect gives the clients high confidence and trust for the system due to the accuracy and effectiveness.


Another advantage is the capability of the latest scanner models to read a wide range of documents. Currently, most scanners can read all travel related documents effectively without any complications. This factor is of great significance as it helps in timesaving especially in cases involving large numbers of individuals. Apart from that, the devices allow for accurate automatic update of guest ID details thus eliminating any manual efforts. The automation plays a vital role, as simple mistakes while making any records are easily avoidable.


Another thing about scanners is their storage system. Usually, manual processes involve a lot of paperwork and material thus costing the different users significantly. However, having a scanner reduces paper use as the saving of all the obtained data occurs electronically. Additionally, firms can avoid costs involving printing paper and photocopies whenever they use passport readers. The scanners/readers also aid in saving storage spaces that would involve the use of paper. In short, using a passport scanner/reader is ideal as it saves the concerned firms a lot of money mostly surrounding the use of paper.


Passport scanners/readers also allow for access to hard copies of the original documents whenever needed. This aspect is possible as the readers make exact images of the original documents thus saving them accurately. Retrieving such information only requires one to extract the required details from Excel and other formats as per the requirements. Therefore, passport readers increase reliability and accuracy of ID details.


The use of passport readers also allows the firms to agree with all set rules and regulations of the local authorities. Through this, there is the avoidance of inconveniences from clients and inaccuracies involved with manual processes. Moreover, the devices minimize the possibilities of data entry errors or data loss associated with manual data work. This component is relevant in the world today primarily due to the high population levels and the high number of individuals using the documents used in travel processes.  However, irrespective of the number of people, having a passport reader supports the maximum possible accuracy by eliminating any data entry errors.


Updating details for registration cards, property management among others manually takes up a lot of time, and the accuracy is questionable. However, passport readers are there to save time for the people while maximizing accuracy levels. Besides, the devices are user-friendly, and they allow for a natural check-in process. This saves time for the firms and the clients.


Passport scanner/readers are ideal devices today. They save time and costs for the operating firms and their clients. The EPR5100 (I) passport scanner is the most effective device in the current world. It perfectly fits the operations of industries from different fields, and it increases reliability and accuracy. Additionally, the machine assures a high-speed level while being user friendly. Therefore, passport scanners are essential devices in different sectors throughout the world.