Why my card dispenser motor driving so slow?


We got several user feedback that when they test/use card dispenser from Lintech, they meet problem that
dispenser issuing card very slow. It likely has no strength.

Some user told that they have already use power voltage at 24V, that totally meet the specification.
In fact, for running the card dispenser, we need to confirm the voltage meet requirements, also need to consider the
power supply MAX power out put.


Normally, we suggest power supply equips power Minimum at 60W. It means that when you have a power supply, you
need to check the MAX output current too.


To make sure the power supply is real power not less that 60W. The power suppy basic specification should be:


Power: 60W or above;
Voltage: DC24V;
Current: 2.5A or above;







Please refer to the video following, it show low voltage make the card dispenser working abnormality, there are also
can be such situation when the power suppy Max output current too low. Any further question please feel free contact
and discuss. Thank you.